Buddha Siddharta Gautama
Are you confused about Buddhist Teachings?
Or on the flip side, have you ever taught others about Buddhism?
Please Read these Curated Selection of Sutra Tripitaka First.

Many people learn Buddhism from Buddhist most of whom have not read the entire scripture themselves.

Compared to other religions, Buddhist scriptures are too NUMEROUS.

To illustrate, based on www.howlongtoread.com, the average reader, reading at a speed of 300 Words Per Minute. It would take 20 hours and 43 minutes  to read 1248 pages of Holy Bible: New International Version

On the other hand, Sutra Pitaka (the first part of Tripitaka / 3 Pitaka) would take more than more than 80 hours and consist more than 6000 pages

  • Digha Nikaya 10 hours and 45 minutes = 648 pages
  • Majjhima Nikaya 23 hours and 38 minutes = 1424 pages
  • Samyutta Nikaya 28 hours and 48 minutes = 2080 pages
  • Anguttara Nikaya 27 hours and 26 minutes = 1944 pages
  • Khuddaka Nikaya (15 books)

In brief, The Buddha did not teach The Four Noble Truth to everyone, He first fills the minds of His listeners with other lessons until they become pure enough to be able to receive higher lessons. In fact, Lay people like us have to know the doctrine of the Happiness in the Heavenly realms first .

Hopefully this website can help you to understand the Real Basic of Buddha’s teachings from the CURATED SELECTION of Sutra. Or inspire you to teach other householders in the future gradually.

May all beings be happy